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Ending the Bush Meat Trade in Cameroon

See video & entire article here. Chimpanzees in Africa face a grim reality. Their numbers have dwindled 75% over the last 30 years because of habitat loss and the illegal ape meat trade. Veterinarian Sheri Speede is dedicating her life to helping these primates. She moved from Oregon to Cameroon over ten years ago. At first she went to offer veterinary services but decided ... Full story

The Story Behind National Geographic’s Viral Chimp Funeral Photo

The Story Behind National Geographic's Viral Chimp Funeral Photo
From Huffington Post: Guest post by Jeremy Berlin from National Geographic's Pop Omnivore Blog The November issue of National Geographic Magazine features a moving photograph of chimpanzees watching the burial of one of their own. Since it was published, the picture and story have gone viral, turning up on websites and TV shows and in newspapers around the ... Full story
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