Another BLM Wild Horse Roundup: Submit Comments Today!

Removal of 550 horses in eastern Nevada set to begin next month

Just When We Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse – Government Claims More Than 670,000 Acres Can Only Support 100 to 200 Horses

Dear IDA Members:

Wild horses chased by helicopter during roundupWe told you this was going to be a long, hard fight – thank you for sticking with us to take action on each and every unacceptable assault by the Obama Administration on our wild horses. We are up against the deeply entrenched special interests who want wild horses removed from public lands so they can conduct business as usual. That means cheap usage of our public land for their private profits at the horses’ and taxpayers’ expense.

It’s time to get public comments in on another large removal of wild horses which is planned by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This time the BLM intends to remove over 500 of the estimated 645 horses living in or near the “Eagle Herd Management Area” in eastern Nevada outside of Ely. While 500 individuals is fewer than the 2,500 horses currently being rounded up and removed from the Calico Complex in northwest Nevada (click here for Calico update), the Eagle roundup is even more ludicrous because it is 125,000 acres larger than Calico, but the government will only allow 100 horses to remain! In Calico, by contrast, 500-900 horses will be left behind in the approximately 500,000-acre public land complex.

The proposed Eagle HMA plan puts these wild horses at great risk because the BLM is reducing the number of horses to dangerously low numbers, which could threaten the viability of the herd. Many horse advocates believe this is the BLM’s method of systematically dwindling horse population numbers down to untenable levels in order to ultimately eradicate these American living legends from public lands.

The Obama Administration is continuing the Bush Administration policy of targeting wild horses in order to serve special cattle and other industry interests. Under President Obama’s oversight, the BLM is actually accelerating the pace of wild horse removals, with 12,000 horses targeted for capture from our public lands in Fiscal Year 2010 alone. The majority of these horses will be sent to government holding facilities, where they will join the 35,000 wild horses already stockpiled at taxpayer expense.

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18 Comments on “Another BLM Wild Horse Roundup: Submit Comments Today!”

  • Rosa Vasapollo wrote on 15 January, 2010, 18:37

    I had a conversation with an IDA representative at your office who told me that the IDA was trying to find an agency to vaccinate the wild horses and burrows with contraceptives to help stop the population growth and the resulting removal by the BLM. Please forward me any available information on this topic so I may use it to form arguments with my legislators to help stop the round up and possible sale of horses that could wind up in Mexican meat markets.

  • cathlene wrote on 16 January, 2010, 1:02

    Ther is definately mismanagement and corruption within the Bureau of Land Management.

    Here’s how you can help:

    1) Call President Obama (202-456-1111) and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (202-208-3100). Demand a Congressional investigation into the Bureau of Land Man…agement. Ask for independent studies on statistics of the wild horses and do NOT rely on the BLM statistics. They are flawed and misrepresent the truth.

  • elizabeth slagsvol wrote on 16 January, 2010, 10:24

    Phone the President 202-456-1111  It’s quick and amazingly easy, unlike my experience with the BLM phone system. You will receive two prompts and then you will have an opportunity to leave a comment. ONE PHONE CALL has the ability to make a tremendous difference! The government must listen to volumes of calls. Make them please!

  • arlene orlando wrote on 16 January, 2010, 11:18

    All phone calls to the BLM are useless, you cannot talk to these people….. They turn a deaf ear….. The Have Betrayed a Nation , and Are a Complete Disgrace to the United States and what she Stands for ………… We Demand Hearings on their Needless Round ups……………There is not one concrete reason to Terrorize our Wild Mustangs……………………………They are living and flourishing on their own…………… If they need HELP the BLM should help them…………They are totally wasting taxpayers money !!!!! Get rid of the CATTLE that are stripping their land !!!!!! Restore The Land to the Wild Mustangs all 25 million acres that belongs to them……………..

  • Carol Ammens wrote on 16 January, 2010, 14:44

    The BLM will just yawn and then hang up on you. They don’t care what the American people want and Ken Salazar is a rancher himself so he’s going to do their bidding. I am very disappointed in some of Obama’s appointments including Salazar, Vilsack at the USDA and Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security. Sheeesh. Why didn’t that federal judge grant IDA’s injunction when he said that what BLM is doing is likely illegal? That just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Greg Faria wrote on 18 January, 2010, 18:09 or have numerous links to just about anything Wild Horse & Burro, including the latest on Mustang birthcontrol programs, They have been saving/training adopting out Mustangs & Burros for years working with BLM & NV DoI offcials for years proving that there are several alternatives to gathers & slaughters. I think you’ll find Willis & Sharon Lam and their organization one the most hardworing deligent, knowledgable but pratical, reliable and honest Save the Mustang Organizations anywhere on the web.

  • Pam Thom wrote on 18 January, 2010, 19:35

    First, Ken Salazar does not care at all about the Mustangs or any horses fate. He just sends a form letter back basically stating he will not be able to help, in my opinion. The second thing is their is someone getting the profits from all these beautiful horses that are going to be slaughtered. It all stems from GREED stupid ignorant !!

  • Michael J Ahles wrote on 18 January, 2010, 22:11

    It is our duty as Americans to preserve our freedoms, be it the freedom of the mustangs, our home or land of the free, or simply just the freedom of you and me. Truly as the mustangs freedom is removed from our land, American freedom is taken away. The freedom of One is the freedom of All. There is a solution that will help preserve what is naturally right, the freedom of One or All, the freedom of America, that does not need donations, nor attorneys, politicians, or not even the President, the solution is simply: boycott beef. Ecconomic sanctions brought on by we the people of the United States will free our lands again. We don’t need even a majority, a 10% reduction in the consumption of beef will make room the beauty of nature, the wild mustangs again.

  • Valerie Traina wrote on 19 January, 2010, 10:52

    There is no need to stop the reproduction of wild horses. The only animals whose reproduction need be halted are cattle and sheep. We, the taxpayers, are subsidizing the ranching industry big-time. These domesticated animals are stealing the forage of the wild horses and burros. There aren’t that many wild horses and burros left. And, with each round-up, the genetic viability of the herds is diminished. It is a DISGRACE that this mis-management continues. The BLM is flouting the will of the vast majority of Americans who love their wild horses and burros.

  • jean wrote on 22 January, 2010, 17:02

    this roundup is indicative of a govt gone very very wrong. they dont listen to the public at all anymore. salazar should be out of office. we all need to keep bombarding both the president and blm to stop this horror.

  • jean wrote on 22 January, 2010, 17:03

    Harry Reid want to keep his job. Perhaps we should be phoning Harry Red, senator fro Nevada – this cleanup is in Nevada and he needs to know how we feel

  • Emily wrote on 25 January, 2010, 17:50

    I have been riding horses since i was three and watching the wild horses i was even younger. They would walk through neighborhoods and lazily graze on the small patches of grass in front of the local grocery store. At my dad’s i would see wild horses almost everyday, and my dogs would sit and watch them too. Then the herds started growing smaller and smaller untill now when i can only occasionally see two or three horses near the highways. I have always loved horses and am a major wild horse advocate. But i believe it has gotten to the point where BLM will not listen our voices, even though they don’t already. I truley believe that everything the government gets their hands on they destroy, and i’ll be damned if i’m just gonna sit around and watch America’s greatest symbol become completely eliminated. I think that some serious action will have to be taken by anyone who wants to help these beautiful creatures. I am not anti-roundups… I am pro-horses! So if you would please get everyone you know to be a wild horse advocate, myself and many more would appreciate it. Remember, there is power in numbers, and BLM would not exist if the people all stood up for what was right.

  • Kathy wrote on 6 March, 2010, 23:51

    Another “Trail of Tears”……. The present Adminstration should be ashamed! There is nothing in the name BLM that says they will protect wildlife…….they are caving to the ranchers, mining industry & other big money. What do they care about the suffering of the horses & burros or how people really feel about these beautiful animals!?

  • Jesse James wrote on 4 November, 2010, 14:27

    First the government ran out the Indians, now they are doing the same to the wild horses. I think the government should drop this “horse project” & think about more practical ways to spend OUR money. Maybe they could start paying all the other country’s we’ve borrowed money from back? Hmm? Those wild horses don’t hurt livestock, there is PLENTY of land for them to eat off of with out effecting ranchers & their livestock. I won’t stand for this, never have, never will. WE THE PEOPLE, say not to mess with the horses. All I can say is if everyone on this topic feels the same way about this as I do, the government has a big problem on it’s hands!

  • Jesse James wrote on 4 November, 2010, 14:39

    They’ll never understand what the mustang means to Americans, they’re a bunch of high nosed men in suits who think killing some dusty horses won’t do anyone much wrong. Well I’ve got news for you Ken Salazar & all you other men working for him, get off you high horse or I’ll push you off myself! You inconsiderate bastards! There is a time to be calm & discuss what should be done, but that ship has sailed, your already murdering 1,000’s of horses! The wild mustang to me, is like seeing the statue of liberty, or an eagle fly, it belongs out there! I will be chanting “you bastards,” as I walk down the street, ride my own horse, & in my sleep until the day they stop this massacre!

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