City Council Members Join In Defense of Animals To Protest NYC’s Massacre of Canada Geese

Rally at City Hall Calls for Humane Methods

New York (August 9, 2010) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), an international animal protection organization, will be joined by New York City Council members Brad Lander, Stephen Levin, and Letitia James on the steps of City Hall in Manhattan on Thursday, August 12, at noon, to call for an end to the city’s contract with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to kill all Canada geese within seven miles of NY’s airports. The contract is established in conjunction with the Port Authority of New York.

Also attending the rally will be State Senator Eric Adams, who represents the district that includes Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, where, without warning, 400 geese were rounded up and gassed in the early hours of July 8, 2010.

The Prospect Park killings sparked an outcry from local residents, many of whom knew individual geese by name, and relished them as a rare and vital link to nature. That outcry, which has now grown into a full roar of dissent, has since exposed reports of 1,700 Canada geese killed in NYC by the Wildlife Services of USDA over the past year, with plans to wipe out roughly two-thirds of the goose population in New York State. Rally attendees, including the elected officials, are vowing to see the killings stopped.

For decades, state wildlife agencies have been inflating Canada goose populations by releasing them into areas to swell their numbers for recreational hunting. In addition, artificial landscapes, like manicured lawns and golf courses, attract geese to areas where they would otherwise never inhabit.

“This is a manmade problem that demands a humane solution,” said Scotlund Haisley, IDA’s president. “It’s outrageous to annihilate geese because of human error and arrogance. Non-lethal methods allow us to address this problem without killing them.”

Canada geese population control issues can be addressed through a variety of preventive, humane and non-lethal methods, such as with the use of Ovocontrol, a USDA-approved oral contraception developed and refined specifically for Canada geese.

The City and Port Authority claim that aviation safety demands that Canada geese be killed, but ignores the very fact that cities worldwide deal with the problem of birds near airports without exterminating them. The problem of birds colliding with engines is real, but can be dealt with by employing a range of methods, including radar detection, currently not in use in NYC’s airports.

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2 Comments on “City Council Members Join In Defense of Animals To Protest NYC’s Massacre of Canada Geese”

  • Larry Zirlin wrote on 10 August, 2010, 9:34

    The lunacy of the whole program is that right next to JFK, only hundreds of feet away from the runways, there is a large, important bird refuge, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, where there are literally hundreds of geese, and in the winters, thousands of Brants (a small goose) as well hundreds of Snow Geese from the fall through spring. Not mention a Mute Swan population that numbers in the hundreds, as well as a dozen species of ducks. All of them pose much more a threat than any of the birds exterminated by the Dept of Agriculture, but of course, they cannot (and should not) be killed. So the Dept of Agriculture kills the “easy” geese, certainly knowing that it will have no effect on the problem, in order to looks as if they are actually addressing the problem. 

    The geese in Prospect Park were not migratory. Many of the large birds in Jamaica Bay (as well as flocks of thousands of smaller shorebirds) are. What would the Dept of Agriculture do—wipe out all those birds.  A n egret could get sucked into an engine, a crown, a flight of sandpipers. It is only bad luck (for the geese) that it was Canada Geese that got in the way of the airplane. It could happen with ANY bird. What should we do? Exterminate all the birds? 

  • Tyler A. Chase wrote on 16 August, 2010, 9:07

    My name is Tyler A. Chase, a film maker, currently developing a project called THE WAR ON GEESE. I have been investigating the killing of the Canada Geese and attending the various demonstrations done on their behalf. Here is where my frustration lies; despite all the PR in front of City Hall and posturing of organizations, WHERE IS THE COURT INJUNCTION TO STOP THE KILLING OF CANADA GEESE? Hello??? Anyone? There are NO Canada Geese left in any of the places I go to, even Greenwood Cemetery, which supposedly scared the birds away “with a kite” and are, by the way, also poisoning the raccoons. Central Park has only one lonely battered goose residing near Belvedere Castle…Here is the lynch mob mentality… it’s supposedly OK to get rid of Geese since the “millionaire expert in City Hall” has deemed that all of a sudden after years of aviation, Canada Geese (in particular) pose a threat to airplanes. It’s a lie if you have read the comments of the wild life experts and I’ve also spoken to former Air Force men who made some very colorful comments about the killing of the Geese. These geese are resident geese that don’t fly high enough to affect planes so the excuse of airplane safety is bogus. The real reason is that some individuals are squeamish about the poop of the geese. Mind you, everything poops and we walk down sidewalks and in parks that are used as toilets by countless dogs everyday. Even if dog poop is picked up there are nevertheless particles and toxins left behind so the “danger of Geese” is merely a whim, a prejudice of people who don’t know how to live in harmony with nature. Basically it would seen that slaughtering hords of Geese may be against the law. Isn’t there a Migratory Treaty Act and what does that mean when it comes to the geese laying their eggs and living in New York? Are they not protected by Federal Law. All of a sudden, on their own native ground, Canada Geese are ‘DANGEROUS”, and PESTS. Now they want to go on National Park Land to kill them there and why there is no court injunction to stop this “gassing of geese” is beyond my comprehension.

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