BLM Accused of Secrecy, Denying Full Public Access To Roundup And Gives Only Glimpse of Deaths & Suffering

Washington, DC – January 22, 2010 – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now revealing that two more wild horses have died and up to 25 are under treatment for injuries as a result of the helicopter stampede and roundup currently underway in the Calico Mountains Complex in northwestern Nevada.  In response, In Defense of Animals (IDA) is calling for full investigation of these deaths and full and ongoing access for public observers to all aspects of the highly controversial roundup and capture operation.

The latest victims of the BLM roundup include:

* A small colt was run so hard and long that he was killed due to “multiple hoof sloughs from the capture.”

* A mare who went down in the trailer transport truck after being stampeded by helicopter for miles into capture pens and loaded onto a trailer. No help was available for this downed mare on the 4-5 hour drive between Calico and the Fallon holding facility. She was still down on arrival and died shortly thereafter.

* 20 to 25 horses at the holding facility who are receiving “treatment for various injuries or lameness.”

“These latest tragic and unnecessary deaths document beyond doubt that the BLM helicopter stampedes violate federal requirements for humane and minimally-intrusive management of wild horses,” said Elliot M. Katz, DVM, president of IDA.

“In Defense of Animals is calling for a full and independent investigation of these and other fatalities and injuries caused by the Calico roundup,” Katz continued. “Further, we reiterate our request for full and continuing access for public observers to witness all aspects of the capture operation. Only then can full transparency of BLM’s activities be achieved.”

BLM is tightly controlling public access to the roundup and the Fallon feed lots where the horses are being held, thus no independent verification is available to document the conditions surrounding the continuing fatalities and injuries of horses in the roundup.

In November 2009, In Defense of Animals, ecologist Craig Downer and noted children’s author Terri Farley, represented by Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney and lead counsel William J. Spriggs, filed suit in federal court to stop the roundup. In December, U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled that the BLM’s plans to stockpile the majority of horses at holding facilities in the Midwest likely violated federal law. The BLM proceeded with the roundup, despite Judge Friedman’s suggestion that it be postponed.

Wild Horse Facts:

- The Obama Administration plans to remove 12,000 mustangs from their Western ranges in FY 2010. Most of these horses will end up in government holding facilities.

- The number of wild horses in government holding facilities (35,000) now exceeds those left in the wild (33,000 by BLM estimates).

- The wild horse population today is smaller than in 1974 when the BLM conducted its first census after Congress protected the horses due to their dwindling numbers.

- Wild horses comprise a minute fraction (0.5 percent) of grazing animals on public lands, where they are outnumbered by cattle at least 200 to 1.

- The BLM manages more than 256 million acres of public lands. Cattle grazing is allowed on 160 million acres, while wild horses are restricted to 26.6 million acres of land that is shared with cattle.

- Since 1971 when Congress protected wild horses as “living symbols of freedom” and important parts of our national heritage, the BLM has removed over 200,000 horses from the range and taken away 20 million acres of wild horse habitat.

- The BLM frequently increases livestock grazing allotments after removing wild horses. Horses are also displaced for the benefit of other commercial users of public lands, including mining, oil/gas and other extractive industries.

- The Obama Administration proposes to spend up to 500 million tax dollars to purchase private lands in the Midwest and East to warehouse wild horses removed from public lands (which the taxpayers already own) in the West. In response to IDA’s lawsuit, U.S. District Court Judge Paul L.  Friedman ruled that these holding facilities are likely illegal.

- The mustang has spent hundreds of years acclimating to the arid, rocky terrain of the west and their presence on that landscape is part of our national heritage. Not only are they ill-suited to the wet, lush Midwestern climate but their absence from the west is an affront to our cultural history.

For Immediate Release

Contacts: Suzanne Roy, 919-697-9389,  Deniz Bolbol, 650-248-4489

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization located in San Rafael, Calif. dedicated to protecting animals' rights, welfare, and habitat through education, outreach, and our hands-on rescue facilities in Mumbai, India, Cameroon, Africa, and rural Mississippi. _________________________________________________________________________________

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  • mesa wrote on 23 January, 2010, 8:41

    Thank you so much for publicizing this. YES! An investigation into all aspects of the Calico and Nevada round-ups is essential. BLM is lying about livestock numbers out there, they have increased cattle numbers and cut into the small amount they “allocate” to the horses, and exaggerate cattle vs. horse impacts.

    Rancher Ken Salazar must be removed from Interior, and the BLM Good Old Boys moved into retirement as well. They show a seething hatred for horses today that didn’t exist even 5 years ago. As a public lands advocate, i have become increasingly disgusted by it – AND this typifies how the Salazar Interior and BLM treats everything to do with public lands – as Disposable for Industry – cattlemen who are often fronts for industry, oil and gas men, destructive “renewable” developers that are trying to tear apart the Great Basin – and are a particular favorite of the Salazar Good Old Boy network, and the SNWA (Las Vegas Pat Mulroy water grab) water miners.

    The horses are being removed because of “welfare public lands ranchers” greed for grass on our lands – and to make room for energy, water mining and other development.

    What is happening now is unprecedented – and it is deeply corrupt and evil and must be investigated -Salazar, Abbey and the entire BLM horse, grazing and energy porgrams all need to be investigated.

  • Clare Convery wrote on 24 January, 2010, 19:12

    What can I do to make a difference so that this practice is stopped?

  • Denny M wrote on 24 January, 2010, 22:06

    I wish someone could tell me why federal judges make statements saying what their doing is likely illegal, but don’t issue injunctions stopping it. Or why there isn’t a jurry trial.
    The Bureau of Land MisManagement is nothing but a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats that couldn’t manage a school lunch. They have the mistaken belief that the land is theirs and the animals on it are theirs…they no longer believe it belongs to the American people as is evidenced by their cloaking the roundups in secrecy.

    I’ve written my congressman and senators about it, and don’t even get replies or if you do, it’s no more than a form letter thanking me for contacting their office. Gov’t has simply gotten ridiculous….and that I’m afraid is our fault.

  • solomon dudley wrote on 24 January, 2010, 22:26

    It seems that government has set a real heavy hand against these animals. To allow so little grazing for them in deference to something we- in this country- consume as beef, is an affront to the natural order of things. Bovines have never run free on the open range except for a stampede. Horses have been used throughout history as beasts of burden and for man’s pleasures. And that they are so few now is absolutely appalling. More, the thought that these most wonderful gifts of this planet are being herded in for their “last roundup” is unacceptable. They should be runnning free as is their nature.

  • Laurie Todd wrote on 25 January, 2010, 2:44

    Disgusting. BLM butchers. The horse has been the most useful beast God has ever blessed us with. This on top of the fact that we humans can form a bond of friendship with, and/or be inspired by them. If I chased a baby horse with a machine until its hooves fell literally apart and it died in agony I would be arrested for animal cruelty. I would be in even more trouble if it was a mustang since they are a protected.

  • Pamela Towne wrote on 25 January, 2010, 8:51

    I am sickened by this latest report of a foal being run until it’s hooves were worn off. If any private livestock owner herded animals by running them for miles and miles, down moutainsides, over very rough terain, in the middle of winter they would likely be charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. Why is it okay for the government to sponsor this? Is it sort of like the torture of Iraqi prisoners? I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of the direction our government has gone in its treatment of both animals and people who have no defense or escape. I don’t believe this is what our parents and grandparents fought to protect.

  • Clifford Greener wrote on 25 January, 2010, 19:19

    It is high time that our goverment quit riding high in the saddle and got their boots muddy by taking a good long look at what they are doing to what used to be a great nation. What they are doing to both the wild horses and to it’s people are quite the same. They are riding roughshod and trying to force both the wild horses and ourselves to live as they see fit.

  • Frank Mancuso wrote on 26 January, 2010, 5:04

    America has been over run not by wild horses but corporations. Politicians and judges are but the grooms that stroke them. BUT ultimately capitalism will succumb to the diminishing energy supplies it’s so desperately pursuing by displacing our horses. No energy, no growth, no capitalism, no corporation. 100 years ago we had no oil and horses. 100 years from now we will have no oil or horses. Part of our future may be found by looking back to a time before oil.

  • Kristin May wrote on 26 January, 2010, 10:48

    I pray for those horses that are being driven in pain, blood, exhaustion and death away from the natural life they know, It reminds me of the Holocaust! It is fortunate that God has a safe place for them in heaven and in our hearts forever safe, beautiful and free!!! I am not proud to be a part of this time in history, it discusts me that we have come so far yet really we are the destroyers of our own future!

  • Ray R wrote on 29 January, 2010, 10:57

    The colt’s hind feet developed abscesses and the pressure from that made the outer hooves came off despite being given antibiotics. They were not run off as is being portrayed here. I live and routinely work around wild horses and can assure you their numbers far exceed what the feed is capable of supporting. One case in particular ranchers have for years abandoned entirely an area which used to be grazed by cattle. That area now is very over grazed and the horses are very poor.

  • Amanda wrote on 31 January, 2010, 18:26

    Do any of you live in Nevada? These public lands are our backyards and the wild horses are turning it into a dessert. Wild horses are NOT natural. They are a domestic animal that got loose, like a wild dog. They have no predators. Growing up we had (owned) what we called a “Stud Bunch” – basically wild horses. There was 1 stud and 20 mares. Each year we rounded them up, took off the yearlings, halter broke them and then either used them for our ranch or sold them -YES for profit. It worked because there was no inbreeding and yet they were able to “run free” . Leaving horses unmanaged causes major genetic problems and deformations. Also, cattle GRAZE, BUT horses tear plants up by the root so it doesn’t grow back, leaving us with more desert than we already have. The ranch where I was raised in 1980′s and 1990s had 3500 cows grazing the BLM land. Now there are only 500 head of cows allowed on the land and all you see is deformed wild horses, and as so well said by an environmentalist. who visited, no vegetation for miles.
    In addition, cattle are managed, they are not allowed to multiply year after year, unchecked. Ranchers must keep their herd numbers within the limits of their permits, while wild horse numbers are allowed to grow astronomically each year. Government can’t manage wild horses, who are we kidding. In the mean time, billions of your tax dollars will be thrown at trying to save these deformed creatures who are destroying the land. This is as insane as me going to New York and proclaiming that RATS were native there once and when I visit, I would like to see some rats so I go on a mission to re-populate New York with rats, a place I only visit. I challenge anyone to come live here, take a good look at these horses, and see what they are doing to the land.

  • Ray R wrote on 2 February, 2010, 13:56

    Thanks Amanda, I was feeling a bit out numbered here. I think for the most part people outside of the area who have not seen the damage horses do to grazing lands fail to see what problems they create by interfering with management of horse herds. Of all the wildlife: elk deer, lion, coyotes etc why horses somehow became sacred and immune to management is amazing to those of us who live here. If any other creature is found to be eating itsself into starvation there would be no question of reducing their numbers. Good grief, we have enough horses to feed an African country.

  • Deborah Simpson wrote on 5 February, 2010, 11:56

    BLM ( our federal government ) has mismanaged our Horse & Burro program for many years and our government will not stop the brutal round-ups. Ken Salazar proposed slaughter for our horses moving them Eastward bound. How can the American people have faith in our government to protect our horses? we can’t!

  • Shirlene Suckey wrote on 8 February, 2010, 7:05

    Amanda and Ray – I have seen no photos of the inbred, deformed wild horses. Why aren’t people like you and the cattle barons, publishing photos of all these poor deformed creatures? And what is the benefit for people who are fighting for the horses and the wolves and coyotes? There is no direct benefit for us. But for the cattle barons there is a very direct financial benefit in obliterating all wildlife from Public Lands they want to use for free to feed their cattle. Quite frankly, I am becoming dissillusioned with Obama’s misguided choices for his cabinet. Ken Salazar and Company have, on 2/04, created the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, giving hunters a forum for input on what will be done with wildlife that belongs to ALL of us, on lands that belong to ALL of us.

  • melissa wrote on 10 February, 2010, 19:13

    i have seen no photos of deformed or starved horses.if you will show us all of these deformed horses. it would definitely be a eye opener.however i do agree there has to be herd management. but this is definitely not herd management.this is a disgrace.and it is unacceptable.that land belongs to all of us whether we live there or not.we all pay for we have a say in how it is managed.this a horrible act of terrorism and animal abuse.i will not stand by and be feed this bull crap about 1.3 million acres that can only support 471 to 788 horses.we are not that stupid.this land was put aside for the horses and burrows.there has to be a better way of managing the herds.

  • Janet Rico wrote on 18 February, 2010, 18:16

    Ray and Amanda: You offer not one single humane method to control the horse population. The BLM’s methods are NOT acceptable and I reject the notion that ANY abuse the horses are subjected to is okay for the sake of controlling their numbers. I also reject Amanda’s very ignorant assertion that only locals can way in on this issue. Horses cannot speak for themselves, so people must do so on their behalf, regardless of their home state. The concern you claim to have regarding the ‘deformed’ horses would have some credibility if you suggested a humane manner to control the population. However, you are clearly in favor of the eradication of the horses with no regard for their well being.

  • James Gilbert wrote on 19 February, 2010, 1:41


    Nice tactic, holding our President responsible for
    this wild horse tragedy. Is that necessary. I mean,
    maybe if he had a minute to breathe between
    the wars and our tanked economy, he could
    tend to this. It’s really not fair.

  • Kathy wrote on 19 February, 2010, 6:02

    Ray and Amanda if that is actually your real names. I question your posts and what you are doing on a ‘defense’ of animals page unless it is to try and create questionablity of the issues at hand. Sorry but your ploy doesn’t hold water with me. I do live in NV, I do visit HMA’s, have been involved with saving and protecting wild horses for over 40 years, and you are both blowing hot air. You so called reasoning is so totally counter clockwise you do nothing but give creedence for the reasons me must continue to fight.

  • sandra longley wrote on 25 February, 2010, 14:06

    Amanda, Nevada IS and always was-a desert..LOL…the horses had nothing to do with that..Really ,its the only reason the horses were allowed to live there by law….because it was useless for anything but bombing ranges, military exp, and casinos…Like the indians, and the buffallo they have been given the hardest peices of ground to try and eake out a living…and they have done it…so now you want it…well sorry but that land and those horses belong to all citizens of the united states-no matter where they live..the land does not belong to the state of nevada..most of your state belongs to want us to subsidise private business interests…and quite frankly-we are tired of it…I pay for every cow a rancher grazes on that land-1.35 a head doesn’t come close to covering it..and yes they overload allotments and don’t use good grazing management on it as has been proven by The Western Watersheds Projects winning legal battles with the BLM and getting allotments removed-by proving the damage cattle are doing…So with the coming of the internet-we are disproving your propaganda you have spred for years..There are alot of videos and pictures online to disprove your “theories” of deformaties…quite the opposite-BLMs own science dept does genetic testing to determine if the inbreediing is significant..the only cases found -were in herds that are isolated or when numbers fall too low in a HMA to allow for diversity-which means we need more horses -not less..LOL

  • Jane Eagle wrote on 16 April, 2010, 16:31

    I write to protest these actions weekly. I always say:


    If our goverment has so much money that they “propose to spend up to 500 million tax dollars to purchase private lands in the Midwest and East to warehouse wild horses removed from public lands (which the taxpayers already own) in the West., let them relocate the cattle there.

  • Lynne Schauder wrote on 23 April, 2010, 6:50

    I can’t stop crying upon reading these stories. What’s wrong with our government allowing this to happen so that “GREEDY” ranchers can become wealthy. This country is getting worse and worse with “greed-motivated” behaviors. Animals have feelings and can feel pain just as humans do only they can’t protect themselves. I’m so sick and tired of seeing animals clubbed to death, killed for stupid trophies, now I just heard about “crushing them”? What’s is wrong with people. They should only have the same treatment done to them in return!!!!!!!

  • Deanna wrote on 24 April, 2010, 8:23

    Jane-thank you for your comment. The BLM should stop blaming the horses for something the cattle have done-degrade the land. I work to protect Prairie dogs, a highly intelligent, keystone species that see’s in color and only has 1 baby a year. They are highly endangered down to 1% of original pop. The point here is that when left alone Mother Natures’s creatures will flourish and create balance. It is the ugliness of man that continues to create unrest, unbalance, and send species to extinction. Clevland Amory was a courageous man that stood up against the government killings and created “The Fund For Animals” and Black Beauty Ranch in TX. With his own money he airlifted these animals, the burros and horses of AZ and NV to safety, where they could live unharmed. I commend him, now that he has passed it seems as if the horses have no voice. Please, all readers ignore the ignorance of Ray and Amanda, who ever they are, they know not. I grew up in Wyoming where the horse number is so low I think I have only ever seen 1 or 2.

  • Brenda wrote on 3 May, 2010, 9:10

    This brutality is absolutely nauseating, devastating to the point of incapacitating me emotionally. I skip over these headlines a lot of times because I just can’t tolerate the thought of what the BLM is doing. You have to be Satanic not to be horrified by this!! “Ray” & “Amanda” – whoever you are- you have no soul if you can believe this would be a correct way of handling the situation – even if the horses were overpopulated – which I can’t imagine even for a minute that they are! As far as the desert is concerned, the lady above only stated the obvious – the desert is the desert, has always been the desert, no vegetation, horses, or not. & the horses & the indians, as usual, get the shit end of the stick. What is so ironic, is that neither of them has ever done anything malicious to anyone & both were here before anyone else!!!!!! Leave them all alone – dammit!!

  • Amy Ogden wrote on 7 May, 2010, 9:02

    Amanda and Ray. I live in Las Vegas- have been here for a very long time and when I was not in Las Vegas I was in Kentucky on a horse farm. I have a degree in animal sciences-large breeds and I know a lot about horses. With that being said, I’ve also hiked all over this desert and folks, I have news for you-it’s a desert out there whether we have a scarce amount of wild horses eating the brush or not. You two are absolutely dillusional and why in the hell are you even on this website to begin with. You are obviously not animal lovers. Get off the IDA website and stop posting garbage about deformed horses.

  • Yasmine wrote on 13 May, 2010, 9:07

    Never will I understand why the Bureau of Land Management exists at all…

  • tina criscione wrote on 13 May, 2010, 17:17

    SO WHAT CAN WE DO _ WHAT EVER IT TAKES _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samara wrote on 14 May, 2010, 6:58

    THe Bureau of Land Management is a greedy and seedy organization. If it is true that the government is in cahoots with these sadistic organization- SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!!! Leave these horses alone! They are not PROPERTY, they are not government property- they are wild animals that have their land, are entitled to stay on their land, have their families, roam free and lead their lives. If the government came in and started rounding up people, it would be a public outcry, a travesty, a violation of human rights- well what ever happened to animal rights? LEAVE these horses alone!!!!! The fact that even one horse had to die during this round up is a targedy- no animal deserves that.
    Part of me, though, is NOT surprised- the seedy government pollutes the ocean, the water we drink, the food we eat- they only care about padding their wallets…….

  • Jenni Graham wrote on 14 May, 2010, 9:41

    Through man’s greed, shortsightedness and disregard, we are dooming ourselves to eventual extinction.

  • Jeana wrote on 22 May, 2010, 11:37

    The wild horses are not hurting anyone, they should be left alone in the wild, where they belong, they are a big part of out hertiage. Our government and the current administation just has to destroy everything in this country that is good. What the BLM did to these horses is out and out cruelty and they should be held accountable for their actions, just as anyone that hurt an animal should be. The BLM and the current administration think that they are above the law.

  • Jeana wrote on 22 May, 2010, 11:41

    I would think that Ray and Amanda probably work for the BLM. They have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Wendy Forster wrote on 3 June, 2010, 2:56

    Yes, Obama is busy fighting wars, but it would only take one swipe of a pen to halt this wicked treatment of horses. Surely, James, you are not trying to tell me he hasn’t time to do that…………

  • jennifer wrote on 10 June, 2010, 0:41

    Can someone tell me why these ranchers are permitted to FREELY graze their animals on public lands (meaning the lands owned by our country and all of its citizens)? I understand that this was a practice put in place long ago when it was a necessity for their livelihood due to climate and water changes at the time but really, in the east if you want to raise cattle and need to feed them you get feed for them, if you can’t afford the feed, you sell them. In the east the luxury of FREE grazing on the lands of others does not exist. The mid-western farmers should see this as a privilege not a right and should stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and consider themselves lucky that the wild horses and the rest of the country still tolerate their impositions on public lands instead of whining and crying about how they want more and selfishly demanding all of the grass. If they can’t afford to fully support their cattle maybe they should take up another type of livelihood… maybe they should farm cattle feed if it is in such short supply.

  • amerita abney wrote on 19 July, 2010, 13:49

    Perhaps one must look at “Bush’s Super Highway”. could this land be cleared to provide for this highway….or perhaps one must look at the oil rich deposit up through the midwest. It is all about greed without realizing that WE are the stewards of all things on Earth intrusted by out maker(s). The Native Americans have the right thinking of the land/animals, etc. Remember, PEOPLE are power! How about a march on Washington to make sure all voices are heard. Why isn’t there anything on national news about this? I had to find it on the internet.

  • Kelli wrote on 12 August, 2010, 18:00

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Only the GOVERNMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING SO CRUEL. HMMMMM. I thought the people had something to say about this and shouldn’t we be voting on this? I can not imagine people in charge of this roundup actually believing that this is ok, its not ok. Did these guys not realize what they were doing? Those running this roundup should be run just like those horses were for over 5hrs none stop and see if they would be able to handle all the pressure on their feet, lungs, heart, legs and so on. That should be there punishment and it should be video taped for all of us to sit and watch with glee…..I can’t imagine what that poor colt/foal was thinking and felt while being chased down by some thing that was loud in the sky stiring up dust all around him/her….This is ANIMAL CRUELTY and those in charge of this roundup as well as those doing it should all be charged, sentenced and pay a fine for more then 25 counts of animal cruelty. This just makes me hate america more then i already do and i’m an american…….such a horrific incident….

  • Erika Widener wrote on 12 August, 2010, 19:34

    I’m confused….WHY do the mustangs have to be removed ????

  • Gail Pugsley wrote on 13 August, 2010, 3:09

    These cruel roundups make me so mad, I can’t stand it.

  • donnie wrote on 21 September, 2010, 9:15

    There we go Obama at his best destroying everything he toches destroy his practice

  • RobT. Horse-HarBoldT wrote on 7 January, 2012, 13:09

    Robert HarBoldt
    During the Governments (BLM) round-up of Wild Mustangs, mares & colts-some mares & colts were run so hard over rocky terrain,and canyons that they had to be destroyed. Why don’t we all get together to SAVE these part of our Heritage; have distribution Ranches where kids-adults would learn horse Care=Responsibilities of getting up early, raking out the stalls, and feeding them, brushing the colts, and training them to make them their own charges; later they will get the satisfaction of riding free,teaching other Youth, and having Horse Therapy on the Rez./in the country for Low-income youth, adults, and the dis-abeled that would benefit greatly from this feeling of INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, and HAPPINESS that these rescued Horses would bring to them.Thereby these Wild Studs, Mares, burros and colts would be off of GOVERNMENT LANDS (OUR OWN LANDS!); & Mr. Cheney’s areas for Gas & Oil exploration in the WEST!!??
    Washington, DC – January 22, 2010 – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now revealing that two more wild horses have died and up to 25 are under treatment for injuries as a result of the helicopter stampede and roundup currently underway in the Calico Mountains Complex in northwestern Nevada…
    Like ·  · Reshare · 3 minutes ago

  • Helen Tanguis wrote on 28 January, 2012, 21:08

    The first use of horses began in warfare over 5,000 years ago pulling wagons, chariots, playing the crucial role in providing support to armies in the field. Europeans used several types of war horses in the middle ages and was best-known heavy Calvary warriors of the period. Highly mobile horse regiments were critical in the American Civil war. By the end of World War ll, horses were seldom seen in battle, but were still used extensively for the transport of troops and supplies. Military horse units are also used for ceremonial, education purposes, historical enactments of battles, law enforcement and equestrian competitions derived from the riding and training skills once used by the military. These loyal creatures, who have carried the mail, taken people to live in the west to search for gold, carried soldiers in wars over 5,000 years ago are being threatened. Their lives as veterans of our country are at the risk of being taken to the Mexican slaughterhouses, where horrible and disgusting things will take place to end these beautiful and harmless, creatures, who do not deserve to die this way. With all the people, who live in this state, who own so much property, I do not understand, how they be so heartless and turn a blind eye to their time in need. This state is so well known for the beauty of it’s horse races that will be a nightmare to have to tell my friends in other places how disappointed I feel over this disgraceful behavior. I tears my heart out thinking about the pain of the starvation and pain that will be caused. I cannot think about it anymore tonight. Please do whatever you can to prevent this from happening. Do not allow this to continue.

  • Spottedleaf wrote on 29 January, 2012, 8:38


  • Anonymous wrote on 1 March, 2012, 17:59

    Why does this happen. Our Government needs a representative with some guts to stand up to the BLM. Nothing is safe in our world anymore. These horses are suppost to be wild and free, not fighting for their lives. Human greed. The more I know humans the more I love my pets and animals.

  • alex j wrote on 15 January, 2013, 22:29

    Oh please! i just read a comment above stating to leave Obamas name out of this? are you seriouslly for real? you must not be informed on the issues here, and maybe you missed the headlines that the President was planning on putting more of these animals around 12,000 of them more into captivity……sounds like holding pens to me!!! when it cost dollar per dollar much cheeper to let them be, than to spend 110,000 a day to keep them in capitivity! so who exactly do you think gives out the orders to du these things then??? if its not governmental?? and in essence,,,,, from your comment, you must be one of the people… who think there are more imoportant things going on in the world?! well thats pretty damn sad that you must not know your Western Hertiage or the Constitutional amendments and what was written in them very well!

  • Glynda wrote on 17 January, 2013, 19:05

    All I can say is this kind of treatment of those glorious beautiful animals is an atrosity. That land is designated for the wild horses. Cattle ranchers have no business on it. I am calling on our government to stand up and start showing compassion for the animals of this world , and if we are lucky that might be something they could do right. I also want the government contractor and the hired killers to stand trial for this mass murder and inhumane atroticites. 

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