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In Defense Of Animals Rebukes SeaWorld For Deadly Captive Breeding Programs And Public Display of Orcas

Following premature death of young orca Sumar, IDA renews call for government action San Rafael, Calif. (September 9, 2010) – In Defense of Animals (IDA) today blasted SeaWorld for the death of Sumar, a young 12-year old male orca who lived a tragic and completely unnatural existence as a circus animal at SeaWorld in San Diego. A victim of SeaWorld’s ruthless and continuing attempts to breed ... Full story

Taima, SeaWorld Orlando orca, dies giving birth to stillborn calf fathered by Tilikum

Taima, a 20-year-old orca at SeaWorld Orlando, died Sunday at the park while in labor with a stillborn calf. Taima's calf was fathered by Tilikum, the orca who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in February. Dr. Chris Dold, SeaWorld's vice president of veterinary services, told the Orlando Sentinel that the calf was in an unusual position in the birth canal and that Taima's labor was ... Full story

Another Orca Dies At SeaWorld Orlando; IDA calls for end to public display of captive orcas

San Rafael, Calif. – In Defense of Animals (IDA) says the death of Taima, a 20-year-old orca who died Sunday while giving birth to her stillborn calf at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida reinforcs IDA’s argument that orcas are unsuitable for life in captivity. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) must create regulations to prohibit captive breeding and phase out the public display of orcas. Tilikum, ... Full story
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